8″ X 12′ L-STYLE FASCIA CAP (.019)

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AL: Almond, BL: Black, BR: Royal Brown, BZ: Terratone Bronze, CC: Classic Cream, CY: Clay, GG: Grecian Green, IV: Antique Ivory, LG: Low Gloss 30° White, LN: Linen, MBR: Musket Brown, PG: Pearl Gray, RW: Rosewood, TG: Tuxedo Gray, WK: Wicker

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Fascia looks like a simple piece of trim but serves the vital function of keeping rain, snow and moisture out of the eaves so that they don’t damage your home. One of the biggest advantages of aluminum fascia is that it does not need any regular maintenance. Once installed, it will protect the soffits and your home against water damage. When comparing the cost of aluminum fascia compared to wood, include the cost of scraping, sanding and repainting wood fascia on a periodic basis.

Our fascia is ribbed and hemmed to help strengthen the panel and provide a beautiful finished look to your home.

Colors Available: AL: Almond, BL: Black, BR: Royal Brown, BZ: Terratone Bronze, CC: Classic Cream, CY: Clay, GG: Grecian Green, IV: Antique Ivory, LG: Low Gloss 30° White, LN: Linen, MBR: Musket Brown, PG: Pearl Gray, RW: Rosewood, TG: Tuxedo Grey, and WK: Wicker

Sold individually or by full boxes (25 pieces per box).


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