3/8″ F-CHANNEL 12′

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Soffit panels can be secured with F-channel – so called because it resembles the letter F. Once siding is installed, the F-channel is nailed to both the fascia board and siding so the soffit panels can be installed. The main purpose of the F-channel is to provide support for the soffit panels, which fit into the grooves of the channel.

Our 3/8″ F Channel goes with either the Triple-4 or the Quad-4 soffit panel.

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Colors Available: AL: Almond, BL: Black, BR: Royal Brown, BRGDY: Burgundy, BZ: Terratone Bronze, CC: Classic Cream, CY: Clay, DBZ: Dark Bronze, GG: Grecian Green, IV: Antique Ivory, LG: Low Gloss 30° White, LN: Linen, MBR: Musket Brown, PG: Pearl Gray, RW: Rosewood, TG: Tuxedo Grey, and WK: Wicker

Sold in pieces or per box (25 pieces per box)


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