33″ x 61″ ShowerSlope™ Center Drain SS-3361-C

Your luxury shower deserves better than error-prone mortar beds. What is beneath the surface should be just as high-quality as what you see. Our Point Drain ShowerSlope is a rock-solid, simple-to-install alternative to traditional mortar beds.

33" x 61" Shower Pan

The KBRS Point Drain ShowerSlope is the ideal replacement to traditional shower pans constructed from leak-prone mortar beds. It is pre-sloped in our state of the art, quality-controlled factory, with waterproofing field applied after the Point Drain ShowerSlope and tile backer board are installed. The Point Drain ShowerSlope is designed to integrate with a KBRS optional HardCurb® and/or Ramp and can be cut-to-fit in the field.


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